Coverafbeelding Maywood - Lonely Nights
  • Statistieken
  •   4 wkn Tipparade
  •   1985


Land   Nederland

Popduo dat bestond uit de zussen Alice May en Caren Wood (echte namen: Alie (Aaltje) en Doetie (Doetje) de Vries) uit het Friese Uitwellingerga.


Will you come to me in silence.
Oh, I wish you came today.
It’s the magic all around you
that makes me feel this way.
While I’m looking out the window,
there’s no telling why.
You’re just a reflection,
an image passing by.

When I wake up in the morning,
there’s your picture on the wall.
When I walk the stairs I imagine
you’re waiting in the hall.
How can I go on without you?
Life just wouldn’t be the same.
And in my dreams
I’m calling out your name.

You know, these lonely nights can really bring me down.
How can I go on living when I know you’re not around?
You see, these lonely hours without you by my side.
I can’t stand the feeling of another lonely night.

Can I hold you for a second,
feel the beating of your heart?
You’re my dream, my inspiration,
my special work of art.
As I walk the street I wonder,
what am I suppose to do?
Why don’t you come back?
I’ll be waiting here for you.


Titel Lonely Nights
Lengte 4:03
Componist(en) A. May
Producer(s) Pim Koopmans
Titel You
Lengte 3:42
Componist(en) Alice May
Producer(s) Pim Koopmans
Platenlabel Mercury
Catalogusnr 884 124-7
Album Beside You