Coverafbeelding Maywood - Mano
  • Statistieken
  •   7 weken
  •   14 piekpositie
  •   119 punten
  •   1981


Land   Nederland

Popduo dat bestond uit de zussen Alice May en Caren Wood (echte namen: Alie (Aaltje) en Doetie (Doetje) de Vries) uit het Friese Uitwellingerga.


I've travelled all around this world my friend,
saw many different places.
But I knew I had a chance to know
those old familiar faces.
All I remember is a sunny day,
a voice so softly singing.
Can you imagine how good it was,
the pleasure you were bringing.

Please let the music play, Mano, Mano, Mano.
Don't ever go away, Mano, Mano, Mano.

Pick up your old guitar, Mano, Mano, Mano.
You will become a star, Mano, Mano, Mano.

I had to go, it was a sad good-bye,
but I always will remember.
You held my hand and I started to cry,
but I knew I would surrender.
Until today I haven't heard from you,
not a single letter.
I suppose I must be thankful for
the times we spent together.


Titel Mano
Lengte 3:42
Componist(en) Alice May
Producer(s) Pim Koopman
Titel Just A Little Bit Of Love
Lengte 3:43
Componist(en) Alice May
Producer(s) Pim Koopman
Platenlabel EMI
Catalogusnr 1A 006-26726
Album Different Worlds