Coverafbeelding Maywood - Star
  • Statistieken
  •   6 weken
  •   15 piekpositie
  •   96 punten
  •   1982


Land   Nederland

Popduo dat bestond uit de zussen Alice May en Caren Wood (echte namen: Alie (Aaltje) en Doetie (Doetje) de Vries) uit het Friese Uitwellingerga.


I wonder where we'll be a hundred years hereafter.
I heard stories so hard to believe.
They planned to organize a world with only peace.
I wish I could take look into the future,
with all its wonders and magical signs.
Will we be living on the moon in future times?

tell me all about the way it's gonna be.
No one has to know the things you're telling to me, oh no.
will there come a moment in my later life?
Where around the afternoon at half past five.
We lead a planet life.

I think it's fascinating how we live and handle.
Things have changed in a better way.
But is the future as different as they say?


Titel Star
Lengte 3:01
Componist(en) Alice May, Alice May
Producer(s) Pim Koopman
Titel Be My Man
Lengte 3:39
Componist(en) Alice May, Alice May
Producer(s) Pim Koopman
Platenlabel EMI
Catalogusnr 1A006-26858
Album Colour My Rainbow