Coverafbeelding PostMen - Victim
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  •   8 wkn Tipparade
  •   2000


Land   Nederland


My heart’s foolin' me
My mind won’t let it be
I'm trying not to fall
Try to give it all
These things find a way
Get stronger by the day
Inside I’m victimized
Your spell I can’t describe
My love

I'm victimized by this emotional robbery
It took me heartless I’m involved falling in love regardless
It drugged me with a different charm
I rest my head on her arms and fall asleep woke up at early dawn
She might inspire my way of life
She cooked me breakfast impressive red chicken with a different spice
It’s just a small thing my belly start crawling could this be the one moms
I can hear my seeds calling
She reminds me of a Faraos daughter
Tripping trapped in her aura dazed flipping I abort the chase
Is it the way she kicked it a single touch made me lifted
Made me gifted explicit every time I visit
The one I need might as well fits to my believes
So indeed supports me and my goals to achieve
We spend months having fun and dissin' all my groupies
I showed her restaurants hold hands went to the movies
A dog can be a dog you got to leave him alone
See if you satisfied you will fix a life of your own
You are victimized face the world he got a place he calls home
When he decides he feels grown, come on


I’m catching raw vibes for mixing my love with your pride
Cause every time I travel my feelings I need a tourguide
It's like we all slide this happens all my life
Is it my aura that will warn ya I inform ya now it’s all right
Things done change since the fire lit up
I saw many of my men and women friends split up
How the hell do you think I was blessed for doing my thing
I need cash we manifest to build flashing our rings
Girlfriends impressed they thrilled because all their facts is real
Whispering moms is listening visiting to cook meals
By the time I reach an older age I invest in real estate
Cause there ain’t no man like the one I am so far your realest date
You can have the whole world but it’s permanent
Or you can have me like your apple without the worm in it
See my love is mega some of my gestures in a large measure
Even when I am dead broke stick out my heart it be a large treasure
Moi, plaisir s.v.p. grand majeur
Ambassadeur de l`amour present grandeur
Mark my words dogs don’t bite but it hurts
They bite ya life is survival get my job done first

I'll try not to sin but I’m falling again
Oh God, I’m a victim
My heart is loosing it
My mind is fooling me
Emotion no longer hidden
Of course these things will find their way
Love grows stronger by the day I say
I'll try not to sin but I’m falling again
Oh God, Oh God, I am a victim


Some will starve just to try to get involved with your life
They won’t release you till the earth cried the heaven strikes
Bring weapons to the fight it’s up to men to defend his own pride
See when seeds clash from ground honey it won’t grow wide
Living a stone cold life we held tight to fake memories
We done spoken of no we ain’t the same breed
So when the rain leaves main reasons live in grief
Your whole life your victimized forever thinking of me


Lengte 04:05
Platenlabel WEA