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The train has left
All your friends are gone
Oh boy you're waiting so long
There is no other station
Your time is been wasted
You wait until the judgment come

U wait, until the judgment come
U wait, meanwhile you're having some fun
U wait, oh boy you're waiting so long
U wait, but when it come you might run

Now let's hear from the Anonymous
The most prominent dominant conscious
The most promising album is accomplished
Years we put to work for this to build solid
Staying productive it's only logic that we're highly honored
It's the roots the foundation is build we got proof
Rebel youth spit with a tongue so sharp it leaves stabwounds
I share grief with those in need the mind stashed a major storage
Travel thoughts like a tourist
Ideas that hit enormous
So how we have to reach them if they know not already fl teachings
The Postmen are grown to a full region and
If god don't bless there are reasons
It's about achievements don't wait until
Your motivations stop breathing
See life is a spell
What it is no one can tell
We all just wait
Go through hell and never change
It's like we don't know what it takes
But I rebel and take the weight cuz
God bless the renaissance
Can't go when the river runs dry
Finalize the lies


We on a exodus
See post the most fabulous
Extremely various
The education we posses they call it hazardous
We gave love but snakes and rats ate our trust
It's all a plot
Systematic thoughts put to work with no results
It's a rebel youth thing
The world today is full of illusions
They fabricated lust as amusement
Notice your contribution
We are only human n0t always perfect into what we're doing
Ruin your mind and if you're weak you're probably loose it
Somebody told me to give thanks and praises in morning
But here is a vibe feeling wrong not gonna wait
For no second warning
I wonder what's going on we try to change it's first priority
Use music as entertainment to reach my people in minority
See life is a spell and what it is no one can tell
We al just wait
Go through hell and never change it's like we
Don't know what it takes
But I rebel and take the weight god bless we do no harm
Don't wait for us to quit now the tragedy is just begun


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