Coverafbeelding PostMen featuring Dignity - Renaissance
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  •   1999


Land   Nederland


When I look into the mirror of life
I can`t see where I`m going
But I surely know where I`ve been
So as I looked into the mirror of life
Slowly saw myself growing
From a little boy to a men

I face the mirror in the morning
It shows me troubles and sorrows
Live through the struggles
Earn my bread for tomorrow`s scuffles
Facing my daily puzzles
Maintain my daily hustles
I`m just staying humble in this jungle
Knowing chances doubled
Escape routes I`m 0n
I spit it about a thousand songs
Word them out
They worth amount gold
Squirt them out as if told
The renaissance
Me and life made a new bond
Y`all grew up with a whole bread
I served pledge with a few crumbs
Word to moms
She made me think wise when I was still young
Too long alone she carried me by figure of speech
I scrambled pieces
My puzzle wasn`t completed by Jesus
For reasons the most high certified so the mind eases


Thank God I made the 22
Like the caliber of my seven shots
I`m emotional feelings knotted
In my thoughts rapped up
My potential is hot
But I was this journey to wealth
Searchin for health
Several jobs showed out I`m all about music itself
It`s like I can`t breath
My inner life squeezed
Cause I was forced to
Spoke to the mirror
Have I lost you
Some devil bought you
I reminisce still
A broken string attached to my will
A sinister feel
Too young to deal with a emotional squeal
Consider this pain I carry I must deliver
Get it all of the liver
Sometimes it works quicker
Cause pain you carry all your life long
The high made I strong
So where did I go wrong
I wonder still that`s why I made this song
I got nothing but love in my heart
Don`t want to commit sins no more
Yes a true renaissance
Though pappa never played it`s part
Mamma did raise me strong with a love so warm


I used to thief stuff
I used to sell drugs
I used to rob
But judge not
The accused shall be convicted by god
I`m living proof
Put notes to the key
To set me free
With spirituals
The rituals makes my production complete
It`s a message in the poetry
Observe and listen closely
Finding yourself is hard mostly it`s vibes that
control me
I give love to my fam they had my back when I was
Tracing my path
And to those who I did wrong my regrets.



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