Coverafbeelding PostMen - If U
  • Statistieken
  •   1 wk Tipparade
  •   2000


Land   Nederland


If U...
If U do the best that you do
Some try to confiscate from you
But them can't chant
Overrule what we do, that's why


If U achieve for what you strive
Now that the doors are open wide
Some fall apart, some criticize
Some fall apart, some want your life

See black music edutainment for the whole earth
We blend styles that'll burst in ya ears when heard
Let the starsearch settle down witness the birth
Adolescence we breathe this but grew ours first
When we came out we were like; yo who got hurt
The first shots were politically right, you've been served
Now it's a whole new beginning kid revival of street
Da revolution out to greet the world we're playing for keeps
The industry nailed reveal our feel the cornerstone got refused
But he rebuilt, see life ain't that though, it's up to you and what you
make out of it.
It's funny how the world needs money to be proud of it.
Any day can be worst times happen in life
Let the mind spark brightness life is rightfully mines.
Observe crooks how they thirst for crime, we all sin,
but it's fallin' and walkin' again.


To all the venues where they light blue leaves
and where the sticks crash cymbals and it's grown to reap.
We ain't here to keep we still wanna leave before burnt out
turned out y'all done it for me.
Firmed out the phone red hot pick spots they blown
nations pride the same guy before he got known
Stakes high now they grow out supply, it took time
look mine is beyond blessed kid it never took crime
Bit the lessons out of life I pressed stop to rewind
to remind me of the days the purple haze dazed minds
The brave ones came out and paved ways out of slums
it took a miracle to share our bread out of spare crumbs


After my old life aborted been nominated rewarded
for the dreams accompiled styles that I updated
hated for origin, doubted in position
My motto is: no men above us in this life we're livin'
Follow my instinct my musical level extends more than the norm
No way tomorrow finish stuff before the day ends
All in acknowledge yourself as grown men, stand in line
in front of the door. One day we all roll in

Chorus 2x


De track verdween na 1 weekje alweer uit de Tipparade. Reden was dat de groep ruzie kreeg met de platenmaatschappij, hun contract inleverde en daardoor ook de release van de baan was.
Lengte 04:12
Platenlabel TopNotch