Coverafbeelding Kayak - Periscope Life
  • Statistieken
  •   3 wkn Tipparade
  •   1980


Land   Nederland


Sweet Marjorie she's talking to me
I only say she's right
Knowing her that's the only way not to be here all night

Sweet Marjorie don't talk to me
Your eyes outshine the stars
Don't break the spell by saing love is just a farce

She tells me I don't understand her point of view
And I admit I really think so too
My arguments don't ever seem to reach her
'No politics now, please'- but here we go again

She says now this is where we disagree
You've got to open up your eyes and see
To live a periscope life like that
I'll tell you where I'm at
You maybe better off dead

She's so extreme, she won't let me dream
Won't let me love and caress
I'm always told to look around and conclude this world's a mess

Sweet Marjorie, she's dining with me
I say let's order some food
Although the system's wrong- the menu's looking good

I know the whole world fights and kills and hates
But lady must that always spoil our dates
I can't imagine that the world would end
If I would eat my steak now that it's warm


Titel Periscope Life
Lengte 3:24
Componist(en) Ton Scherpenzeel
Producer(s) John Tilly, Kayak
Titel Astral Aliens
Lengte 3:48
Componist(en) Irene Linders, Katherine Lapthorn, Ton Scherpenzeel
Producer(s) John Tilly, Kayak
Platenlabel Vertigo
Catalogusnr 6017 061
Album Periscope Life