Coverafbeelding Kayak - Lyrics
  • Statistieken
  •   5 weken
  •   20 piekpositie
  •   71 punten
  •   1973


Land   Nederland


Listen I'm no poet I'll show it by the words that I write
Holy inspiration respect for the creation in spite
Sometimes it takes hours to write one word on paper
To note something down in time to the music.

Found a nice solution no revolution but it will do
If you don't enjoy it I'm sorry but it's not meant for you
Arrogance's rampant now words don't rhyme too well
Lyrics like impots, only dictionary doggerel.


Titel Lyrics
Lengte 03:40
Componist(en) Ton Scherpenzeel
Producer(s) Gerrit-Jan Leenders
Engineer(s) Pierre Geoffroy Chateau, Dave Grinsted
Titel try to write a book
Lengte 02:00
Componist(en) Pim Koopman
Producer(s) Gerrit-Jan Leenders
Engineer(s) Pierre Geoffroy Chateau
Platenlabel Imperial
Catalogusnr 5C 006-24 691
Album See See The Sun