Coverafbeelding Tony Scott - Gangster Boogie
  • Statistieken
  •   5 weken
  •   22 piekpositie
  •   70 punten
  •   1990



Yes, come on, let's make it funky
Get funky 'till the thing you made, hey
Any good to you and you will of course
I know you do adore it

There's no reason for negation for news by the street
And sort of 'struction for
Just surrender the fact that dominating
Oh, my god, what a feeling inside

And do express externally what unwarranted moves
Are screamin' hysterically, total madness
You can also be a victim ban of dilapidas (??)

But a meece'l beat your Brahms, you're getting' doper and doper
And this isn't workin', I'm sure
But you're dancin' this, called the gangster boogie

The gangster boogie
Will you dance to this called the gangster boogie?
Ah, yeah
The gangster boogie (Gangster boogie)

Again and again, again and again
I'm delivering this, of course it's essential evidence
A production so serious
What is a function is, gettin' delerious

Ketic style, not in a sense of entanglement
Elaborated to this here specimen
Take it or leave it in the tempo I'm givin'
Get surprised sample, what I'm sayin' reality

Sometimes you cannot giggle me
It's comprehensible is my philosophy
What did the dish, I'm sure you like it
Doin' damage, yeah, you know it

Agreein', the only possibility
That you have is get along
Keep movin', not standin' still like you're stupid
Because you're dealin'

Because you're dealin' with this
It's called the gangster boogie

Alright, everybody in the place
Gangster boogie
Get settin' things, another dance strip tonight
The gangster boogie, yeah, oooh

Yeah, oooh
You're dealin' with this, the gangster boogie

"Yes, you are the hip hop gangsters"
Is what they're sayin' to me when I enter the party
Where the trooper's are troopin'
Screamin' ho, and speakers come on

The gangster boogie, creatin' the dancin'
The more you like it, the funky I make it thus
Not allowed in this mission
Just behave and then you get admission

Do it soon you made a dance scene
Possibility requirement then you mess with more stuff
Like to give it to ya, but-a
When I give it you take it, using the right way

Solid, you're takin', word and damage influence
In the east, west, north, south posse
With a thing called the gangster boogie

The gangster boogie
The gangster boogie
Will you dance to this called the gangster boogie?


ArtiestTony Scott
Platenlabel Rhythm