Coverafbeelding Toni Scott - That's How I'm Living
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  •   1989



That's how I'm living


(How y'all feel out there?)

Let's get it on, this beat is high to get in hyper
You wanna join the dance, tip-troopers, 'cause you like to dance
Take the chance, my man
You say you can but you can't do it right here

In the place I was anywhere
The place with my record on you're moving all along
Takin' you to this so take advantage of it

'Cause they got you in the way nobody ever had to get funky like this
If someone ever thought you know you're dancin' me
The style is on, the style of my class
It sure is showin' to the public that you, you're love it, me
Step into the scene with me, I'm a man, Fabian, so doing

You wanna know the truth?
That's how I'm living

(How y'all feel out there?)

Do not restrain yourself from dancin' to a phenomenon
You didn't know what it was so you get some stylin'
Now you know what to do
Let's take the opportunity and get wild in move

Or else you're gonna disappoint me
You wanna know why, let me explain, you see
To take things that work out perfectly
And every now and then identify it

With the, how do you call it?
(It doesn't matter, be sure you get rid of it)
Yeah, check out my melody
Bring in the message to my things, which happened in reality

And also this but it's the real thing
You wanna know the truth?
It's how I'm living

(How y'all feel out there?)

(How y'all feel out there?)

(How y'all feel out there?)

Totally amazed by the things you're deceivin'
Not acquanted to it, huh, you better be
And there it is, ready for the world
The homeboys, the fly-girls, let us go berzerk, y'all

Who's in the house, you know who's in the house
The red skin Tony Scott addressing you now, boy
You're long stylin' and wild in
Inspiratin' you all and get movin' on

On the surface of the dancefloor
Tough bills but unintentional
Get up you all, 'cause you know you're itchin'
But it's right, right and cool for it

Threathfull man, you got to understand

That we're dealin' with somethin'
He's gonna ?? point of them
?? the man's alive to my question

You wanna know the truth?
It's how I'm living


ArtiestTony Scott
Platenlabel Friends