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The Turtles brachten het nummer in 1968 op single uit. Het nummer werd geen hit in Nederland. Nummers geschreven door 2 (ex-)leden van The Byrds.


Wist je dat? Salt-n-Pepa is een Amerikaanse R&B- en hiphopgroep, die eind jaren 80 en begin jaren 90 van de 20e eeuw enkele grote hits scoorde, waaronder in Nederland en Vlaanderen een nummer 1-hit in 1988 (Push it) en een nummer 1-hit in 1991 met Let's talk about sex.
De groep bestond oorspronkelijk uit Cheryl James ('Salt'), Sandy Denton ('Pepa') en dj Pamela Green

Na het succes van "Push It" werd dj Pamela Green vervangen door dj Spinderella. A Salt with a deadly Pepa, het album dat volgde, werd echter niet succesvol. Het derde album "Blacks Magic", met daarop de hitsingle Let's talk about sex uit 1991, werd in Europa goed verkocht. In Amerika werd de single door veel stations niet gedraaid en ondanks dat de opbrengst naar het Aids fonds ging,
A-kant Titel

You Showed Me (The Born Again Mix)

A-kant Lengte


A-kant Componist(en)

Roger McGuinn, Gene Clark

A-kant Producer(s)

The Invincables & Excalibar

B-kant titel

Negro Wit' An Ego / Let's Talk About Sex (Universal Club)

B-kant lengte


B-kant componist(en)


B-kant producer(s)

Hurby Luv Bug, The Invincables



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Blacks' Magic

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You showed me what to do, exactly what to do
When I was in love with you
You showed me many of things, plenty of hard times
Then I got up on it but the hard way
Out there to tax, you chose me to slay
I saw what you did, uh-huh, and said nothin'
But watched, clocked, then I kept bluffin'
And schemed to capture the skill of your rapture
Master become the massa and kick at ya
A plan, a new stand for this woman
Made to be deadly just like the omen
No more trippin', too strong to fall
Shoe's on the other foot, shots are mine to call
Little did you know what you were showing
It hurted when you flirted, but I kept going
Now the student is the teacher, you can't freak her
Play the game of life, and I'll beat ya

You showed me what to do, exactly what to do
When I was in love with you
Ohhh, it's true, I can do it, too
You showed me what to say, exactly what to say
In that very special way
Ohhh, it's true, games were made for two

You're fly, you live high off life riches
Got three, four, and five fly bitches
You dummy, you're so funny, leave me in stitches
Honey, I command, I pull the switches
Now I relieve the scratch when he itches
I'm not the man, but I wear the britches
So pitch your love and lies in the ditches
P.S. hugs and kisses

And when I tried it, I could see you fall
And I decided it wasn't hard at all

You showed me what to say, exactly what to say
In that very special way
Ohhh, it's true, games were made for two
You taught it to me too, exactly what to do
And now I do it well
Ohhh, it's true, now you love me, too

I tried it then I decided it's fun
To catch the wave and ride it
On from what you spawn
Yo, I play like a rose, but I live like a thorn
But anyhow, I do know now the tricks of the trade
I ain't never gettin' played
Say what you will, and do what you must
It all fell apart when you betrayed my trust
Don't worry, babe, you're still my main dish
First on the menu but of a long list
This ain't me, it's what you made me
Now I'm slappin' you back with the same crap you gave me
So get a grip, I'm hipper than hip
And I'm sick and tired of your shit
Let's make this clear, dear, I swear
Never will I get dogged again, I'm outta here

You showed me what to do, exactly what to do
When I was in love with you
Ohhh, it's true, I can do it too
Ohhh, it's true

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