Coverafbeelding Piet Veerman - Cry Of Freedom
  • Statistieken
  •   3 weken
  •   32 piekpositie
  •   21 punten
  •   1989


Geboortedatum   01-03-1943
Land   Nederland


Cry of freedom, spread out your wings into the sky
And take us to where the eagles are calling
On the breeze haze a fragrance of morning dew
They have the banks of the wide river Jordan coming through

Holy ground, a far end for long, and memories of yesterday
How we long for the moment this torture will die away

Cry of freedom, cry out on the heart of our souls
We will fight our way out from here, onward we go

Come away, save the day
We can be strong if we hold on
To the land of believe we're belongin'

Now we play dale away
Here in our eyes, our paradise
We will run back above sorrow and fear

Alone the shame of the chain cuts so deeply
Still the pain, oh, how pride will be burning

Cry of freedom, awake to this stirring inside
And we'll walk through the dawning
Now of a new morning light

And the spell of the past here will ever remain
Oh, and on to that deep we'll forget our pain


ArtiestPiet Veerman
Lengte 04:21
Platenlabel CBS