Coverafbeelding Monie Love - I Can Do This
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  •   6 weken
  •   14 piekpositie
  •   107 punten
  •   1989



Bull, with a capital "B"
Take a seat and watch me, stressed to the T-O-P
And I'm-a do it like you never knew it
So don't even try to put your mouth into it

Kiss my foot, suffers deep to the boot
Keep it on the mic, keep it on the mic or fight
That is the way it stays
You kiss me and the greetin', I'm-a blast you to the hell away

So take a warnin', a new day is dawnin'
Some girls is easy like, some is warnin'
Not me, I'm-a survive sufficiently
Don't interrupt me, just listen

I'm speakin', pass the manners over your head
Yes, I'm-a with Havana
This is has been, you admit it
The funeral is waitin' for you, so come and beat it

Up the tempo, gimme the mic
Turn up the volume then I can do this
All night, all night, never before
Remember who started this war

Now I'm gonna see it through
The game plan is there firin' on you
But that's your business so give this
Come have the glass another

With what this witness kissed his butt very nicely
I'm-a better stay here in rap, precisely
I'm very good, I thought you understood
But you can never practice nutshell clutswat

Take another step toward me
And I'm-a put you in and make you see unit
You and me has been a fool, dude
Please, don't be bull

Unless you got it right, number one
'Cause I've just begun
Yo, bogo, cut the disc and I can do this
I can do this, I can do this

Fashional, fashional, faster, faster
'Cause we are aware of P, double S, I, O, N

That's what it is
I can't believe you tried to take me and my girls out
Call me a cloud, around your mouth without a doubt

You got a problem with that?
Then come and talk about it
You know what, you're only get smacked
'Cause nobody ever told you that I was on a mission

The bass is for real so feel the transmission
Then my vocal note, 'cause I receive devotion
So put me on the microphone, forget about cubs like you
I had nothing to do

I was up in the days when you was what
Miracles, suckers, duckers, dumble a clockers
I could also describe you as
Well, anyway, it doesn't matter
'Cause I'm-a better

Anybody who persist in flatterin' me
And then turn around and say I saw your top
I'm-a ask you exactly what's up

Get back, you can't take the fact that
I refused to take crap from you
And your whole cam-coo
So see my point of view

The crowd is on hold this
Yes, I'm in business


ArtiestMonie Love
Titel I Can Do This (Uptown Mix)
Lengte 3:32
Componist(en) M. Love, Pogo, L. Syers. S. Shockley, W. Shelby
Producer(s) DJ Pogo, Danny D
Mixage Danny D
Titel Feels So Good
Lengte 4:55
Componist(en) M. Love, Pogo, L. Syers. S. Shockley, W. Shelby
Producer(s) DJ Pogo, Danny D
Mixage DJ Pogo
Platenlabel Cooltempo
Catalogusnr 112 140
Album Down To Earth