Coverafbeelding Monie Love - Down To Earth
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  •   3 weken
  •   31 piekpositie
  •   19 punten
  •   1991



Ten, nine, we have ignition sequence start
The engines are on, four, three
She's building, two, one, Up and you can see the fire
Zero, Coming off
We have commit. We have lift off

Hey, boom, whay you say, come on
Hey, boom, what you say

I am down, down to earth and I'll tell you why
For what it's worth open up your eyes
Greet the birth of a new sunrise

Anyway, besides conceivement
One of the rules of evil the treatment
As we kick up the butt
So how you feel about that?

I got the damn package into the back
I'm down to earth
Yeah, hey
Yeah, hey

Beef up the bass and the speaker
Live up the mic, I sweat that I'm-a reach ya
Be here today what I was yesterday
And tellin' you: hey, there's no need for me to play

I say, I say, I say who's time it is to promote?
What is this: a joke, am I supposed to vote?
Was that vote for who, is it me, him or you
Know what I think it's true: that vibe is through

Bein' realistic is something that's desired
Stead of playing' high fool perpetratin' new messiahs
Dissin' that and dissin' that but that's beside the point
Purpose, meanest, directin' this point

The mole Monie moles demonstrates to the 'T'
The one down to earth, I do believe it's me
So roll 'em up, roll 'em out, let the fakers bleed
And let nature work like it does to me
'Cause I'm down to earth

Yeah, hey
Yeah, hey

Close your mouth if you got nothing constructive to say
Positivity, the mood negativity, the way, hey
You really think up with the games that you play
Stop think for a while indeed the answer is nay

A powder monkey, no, funky yes, tide low
Cosmetics is centainly not the Monie soul
Go blow, big hole 'till you blow up
But for now try to grow up

Right now I'm a slam dunk dis
This is how, I'm a cold funk dis
Joint all the way up
And the main point for, fine cells what up, why not?

You don't believe I can say it
I play your game better than you even play it
COnfron the situation, get on like a collision
Think you're someting bad, you're not, you're on a mission

Try to recruit me in your dumb misconception
I ain't havin' it. Cause for rejection.
I'm satisfied with how I look natural
So how you feel?

Whoops, mistake was made
But I won't dwell on it
Gulp feet or had dwell on it
After all you entitled to act like a jerk
I refure to 'cause I'm down to earth

Down to earth
Down to earth
Down to earth

Down to earth
Down to earth

Did you ever meet a sister to confront the statistics
The way I do, we don't miss this
Kiss this butt, excuse the expression
Accuse me of fakeness, no, I'm not dressin' up

This mind or body, nothin'
What you see is what you get, no bluffin'
Attitude stays the say, I blame society
For bein' the worm inside my sister's brain

Conditionin', conditionin', my sister's on a mission and
Dissin' me 'cause I'm not with it
Lord, forgive them, they know not what they do
You're makin' yourself look like ghost, burnt toast

Most of all: explanation that works
'Cause I'm down to earth


ArtiestMonie Love
Titel Down To Earth
Lengte 4:24
Componist(en) Love, Callendar, Hall, Maxwell
Producer(s) Africa Baby Bambaataa, Kevin Maxwell, Jerry Callender
Mixage Simon Dummore
Titel Down To Earth (Count Down Mix)
Lengte 4:17
Componist(en) Love, Callender, Hall, Maxwell
Producer(s) Africa Baby Bambaataa, Kevin Maxwell, Jerry Callender
Mixage Pete Lorimer
Platenlabel Cooltempo
Catalogusnr 1C 006 - 3 23615 7
Album Down To Earth