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One Day At A Time




Anouk Schemmekes · Martin Gjerstad


Anouk Teeuwe


Jens Lindgård, Jan Holzner


Robin Hunt






Deena & Jim

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You took a piece of me and I let you
You just taught me how to hate myself
Sometimes I regret the day that I met you
You left me at my lowest on the shelf
I know I got one life
But I want somebody else's sometimes

One day at a time
You are after another life
And I am
Stuck in the one you left behind

I'm buried under sheets, I know this is stupid
And there is gonna be no shortcuts out
It's like a tunnel, baby, I gotta walk through it
And I will not turn back around
Cause there's nothing back there
And all I see is pitchblack ahead

One day at a time
You are after another life
And I am
Stuck in the one you left

One day at a time
You are after another life
And I am
Stuck in the one you left behind

Time waits for no man
Now one of these days will be yesterday
It takes so long when the heart's not brave
Time waits for no man
I'm keeping my calm when I'm not strong
And try to stay as sweet, aren't they wrong

Oh, one day at a time
You are after another life
And I am
Stuck in the one you left

Oh, one day at a time
I am after another life
And I'll be
Stuck in the one that I will find
One day at a time

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