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A-kant Titel

Soul To Soul

A-kant Lengte


A-kant Componist(en)

Brian O'Doherty

A-kant Producer(s)

Michael Sembello, Dick Rudolph

B-kant titel

Soul To Soul (Instrumental)

B-kant lengte


B-kant componist(en)

Brian O'Doherty

B-kant producer(s)

Michael Sembello, Dick Rudolph





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Soul to Soul (Soul to soul)
Sooooul mmmh..mmmh..mmmmmmh
Oh whoa whoa (soul to soul)

Picked some newspaper...At my feet
We go blowing down the street
Got out stories...old and new
Need someone to tell 'em to

We don't have to be eye to eye (face to face)
I'm not asking for miracles (or saving grace)
And I don't need another heart (to have and hold)
All I want is a friend I can talk to (soul to soul)
Oh... soul to soul (soul to soul)

Like a love book...On a shelf
Tired of talking to myself
Wishing somebody (somebody) passing by (passing by)
Would pick me up and look inside

We don't have to be eye to eye (or face to face)
I'm not asking for miracles... (miracles...or saving grace)
And I don't need another heart... (I don't need another heart...to have and hold)
All I want is a friend I can talk to (soul to soul)
soul to soul Oh... (soul to soul...soul to soul)

Everyone needs someone to turn to
When they walk in their line (got to hold the line)
And we all need a friend we can cry to
And I'm out on the line (I'm on the line)
It's been so long now...you know I need a li... Aaai,

Oh whoaaaa...whoaaaa...whoaaa..
Oh my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my
All I want is a friend I can talk to (woe woe woe woe soul to soul)
I just call and there you are (soul to soul)
Shining on me like a star (shining down)
Smiling in my direction in the night (oooooh oooooh oooooh)
And I feel your light yeah (oh oh soul to soul)
I'm feeling stronger now, so much stronger now (soul to soul)
Won't you shine a little longer, longer right now
I'm still holding the line (got to hold the line) yeah
Keep me holding the line
Oh oh my...

We don't have to be eye to eye (or meet face to face)
I'm not asking for miracles (or saving grace)
And I don't need another heart (to have and hold)
All I want is someone I can talk to (soul to soul)
Oh I need a friend right now
(sooooul to soul) *repeat in background till end of song
Someone I can talk to

I'm feeling lonely right now (right now baby)
I just need to know you're there anytime of the day and night
I need somebody who's willing to listen
Shining, shining, shining, shining so brightly right now
I feel like I'm carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders
So much soul
Does anyone hear me calling...

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