Coverafbeelding The Hollies - Son Of A Rotten Gambler
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  •   1974


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(c)April Music Holland NV

[verse 1]:
And his love
Will be his vision
And he'll take you
Where you stand
And will you stand
Your life by his, and help the boy
Become a man

Will he be the son of his father,
His father the teacher,
Teachin' love and honesty
And bein' his own man handler
Or the son of
The son of a run-of-the-mill run
Rotten gambler

[verse 3]:
Will the devil
Be gettin' to you
As you look back
Over what you've done
And what you've done
Was it for reason or for rhyme
Or was it just for fun?


Back on the road now
Deacon will loose your hand
There ain't no kingdom for the gamblin' man
You know the road now
And you've made your stand
And when his eyes shine upon you
Shine upon you

[chorus] [3x]


ArtiestThe Hollies
Titel Son of a rotten gambler
Lengte 4:03
Componist(en) Chip Taylor
Producer(s) Ron Richards
Titel Layin' to the music
Lengte 2:30
Componist(en) Allan Clarke, Terry Sylvester
Producer(s) Ron Richards
Platenlabel Polydor
Catalogusnr 2058 476
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Album Another Night (als bonus track)