Coverafbeelding Supersister - A Girl Named You
  • Statistieken
  •   7 wkn Tipparade
  •   1971


Land   Nederland


You must have lost a long time standing still
You did not try to persist but you will
Growing obsession while you're at the door
One step more and it's yours

Day after day you've been diddling the truth
You think you're living but live's living you
What do you feel when you're daughter is near
Are you held up by her fear

What did you lose in your life against your will
I see no value in what your head fills
What would you lose when that value would die
No one who cares
You're outside

Night after night you've been dreaming the truth
Sometimes it's right when you hide in your youth
Sometimes you feel that you're acting so stark
That why you kiss in the dark.

What would you do when the lights were on you
Would it be painful to tell me your truth
You never feel that you're standing outside
No one who cares
You're alright

You know your name and i know mine
You play your games and i play mine
Knowing everybody likes it
But not like we do
And we do
When we do

I know your name and you know mine
I play your games and you'll play mine
Knowing everybody likes you
But not like I you
And I do
And I do

You know my name and i know yours
You play my games and i play yours, of course
But if everybody cancels the things that we own
We're alone
We're alone


Titel [Super Sister] A Girl Named You
Componist(en) R. J. Stips
Producer(s) Hans van Oosterhout
Titel [Super Sister] Missing Link
Componist(en) Super Sister
Producer(s) Hans van Oosterhout
Platenlabel Polydor
Catalogusnr 2050 090
Album To The Highest Bidder