Coverafbeelding Super Sister - Radio
  • Statistieken
  •   5 weken
  •   21 piekpositie
  •   63 punten
  •   1972


Land   Nederland


Sleep well sounds are soothing you
Sleep well playing just for you
When all your friends are getting bolder
So much they don't know
In a world that's cool and growing colder
There's no way to go
So sleep well hide away your tears
You're heading for the right direction
All you need to know
There's more instant satisfaction
On your radio

From this tune will last at least a little love
'Cause there is no need for feeling older
With a radio
And there's no sense in getting bolder
Turn it on and go

Right from the start she disliked the music
In fact it frightened her
Just until the complete
And desperate feeling that
Overwhelmed her made her realize
That she wasn't like the schoolgirls
She'd seen in the magazines
That was a relief
A long hidden feeling inside burst out
And messing up the clothes and filling her
Pants with the substance of a custard
Supplier she made a lovely muck
Of the whole commercial thing


Titel Radio
Componist(en) R. J. Stips, R. van Eck, S. v. Geest, M. Vrolijk
Producer(s) Hans van Oosterhout
Titel Dead Dog
Componist(en) R. J. Stips
Producer(s) Hans van Oosterhout
Platenlabel Polydor
Catalogusnr 2050 182
Album Pudding En Gisteren