Coverafbeelding Slash featuring Fergie - Beautiful dangerous

Slash featuring Fergie

Beautiful dangerous

  • Statistieken
  •   5 wkn Tipparade
  •   2010


Geboortedatum   23-07-1965
Land   Verenigde Staten


I don't know who you are now
Mystery drenches my brain
I wanna jump deep into your cloud
'Cause something tells me it's gonna rain

I hear the thunder thumping
And my heart starts jumping
And that's when I spin on the pole
Now my head's exploding
And your gun is loaded
So I'm guessing I'm on a roll
Well it's a fine time
Looking for a wine time man
And you said, "Baby, you ready to play?
Well, come ride on this roller coaster
'Cause it ain't over, it ain't over"

Rebel of this party
I'm in love with all your danger, danger
We can live forever
I can be your naked angel, angel
Beautiful Dangerous

You like it smooth like brandy
Savour the flavour with delight
You can be Sid, I'll be Nancy
'Cause sometimes it's more fun to fight



[Guitar Solo]

[Chorus x2]


Platenlabel Roadrunner Records