Coverafbeelding Pearl Jam - Who You Are
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  •   1996


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Come to send, not condescend
Transcendental consequences, to transcend
Where we are, who are we?, who we are

Trampled moss, on your soul
Changes all, your apart
Seen it all, not at all
Can't defend the command

Take me for a ride before we leave
Circumstance, clapping hands
A-driving winds, happenstance
Off the track, in the mud
That's the moss in the aforementioned verse

miraculous, and a little

Just a little time, before we leave
Stoplight, plays its part
So I would say, you've got a part
Whats your part?
Who you are, you are who, who you are


ArtiestPearl Jam
Titel Who You Are
Lengte 03'54
Componist(en) Eddie Vedder & Stone Gossard & Jack Irons
Producer(s) Brendan O'Brien & Pearl Jam
Titel Habit
Lengte 03'39
Componist(en) Eddie Vedder
Producer(s) Brendan O'Brien & Pearl Jam
Platenlabel Epic
Catalogusnr 663563 2
Hoogste positie UK 18
Hoogste positie US 5
Album No Code