Coverafbeelding Little River Band - Forever Blue
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  •   8 weken
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  •   1995



Sometimes I wish I was a sailor
way out on the stormy sea,
far away from the city
oh and all this misery,
and I wish that I could tell you
just how much you mean to me,
no matter where I run to,
I'll never lose your memory.

Sometimes I close my eyes and drift away,
I can't forget the things I didn't say,
I chose a life that took me away from you,
and I will be forever blue.

When you wake up in tomorrow
and I'm no longer by your side,
just don't think too much about me
and of the many times you've cried,
and wherever you may wander
may good fortune be your guide,
go find another lover,
one who'll never leave your side.


I chose a life that took me away from you,
and I will be forever blue.

Songtekst Help is on it's way

Why are you in so such hurry?
Is it really worth the worry?
Look around, then slow down.
What's it like inside the bubble?
Does your head ever give you trouble?
It's no sin, trade it in.

Hang on, help is on its way,
I'll be there as fast as I can,
"Hang on", a tiny voice did say,
From somewhere deep inside the inner man.

Are you always in confusion?
Surrounded by illusion?
Sort it out, you'll make out.
Seem to make a good beginning,
Someone else ends up winning,
Don't seem fair, don't you care?


Don't you forget who'll take care of you,
It don't matter what you do,
Form a duet, let him sing melody, you'll provide the harmony.

(Repeat first verse)
(Chorus x 2)

Help is on it's way (x 2)


Het nummer "Forever blue" dateert uit 1986 maar werd pas een hit een Top 40 in 1995. De b-kant van de CD single dateert uit 1976 en was een Top 40 hit in 1977. Dankzij Rob Stenders wordt "Forever blue" een radiohit en belandt het nummer in de Top 40. Het album "Forever Blue (The Very Best Of)" staat ook enkele maanden in de albumlijst.
ArtiestLittle River Band
Titel Forever Blue
Lengte 05:05
Componist(en) Graham Goble & Steve Foster
Producer(s) Richard Dodd
Titel Help Is On Its Way
Lengte 04'06
Componist(en) Glenn Shorrock
Producer(s) John Boylan & David Briggs & Derek Pelicci & Glenn Shorrock & Beeb Birtles & Graham Goble
Platenlabel Capitol
Catalogusnr 7243 8 72084 2 8
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Album No Reins (a-kant) & Diamantina Cocktail (b-kant)