Coverafbeelding James Brown - I Feel All Right
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  •   4 weken
  •   31 piekpositie
  •   24 punten
  •   1970


Geboortedatum   03-05-1933
Land   Verenigde Staten




Here you are
Do you feel all right?

I said: do you feel all right?

Do you put a gun on my chest

Let me hear
I got a little groovemaker
That's something I like to do
Since we're here we might as well get the best out of it

If this whole night is all right
Look here

You're ready band?
Dancers, you're ready?
You're ready audience?

All right
You're ready police?
You're ready again?

Now we got a little thing we call a groovemaker
We sing a few words and then you repeat after me
And then we get together and do it together
Billman are you ready, 'cause we're gonna tear you down
All the billigans got the soul but they like the show coming on

Hit it, uh
Hit it, uh
Hit it, uh
Hit it, uh
Hit it, uh

And Mandy cool
All right and this is the way it goes
Listen to me, let me say it two or three times and then we go together
Now listen to this, say:

Hey, hey, I feel alright
Hit it

And listen to me let me do it, man
Put the thing on and we'll get together, yeah

All right
We get mellow

Hey, hey, I feel alright
One time
This is it
Hey, hey I feel alright Ah, ah

You got that?
I go one more time make everything mellow

Hey, hey, I feel alright
Three times, ah, ah, ah

You got it right, you got it
Alright we go together, come on

Hey, hey, I feel alright
One time, ah

I'll be
Alright come on now
Alright, come on brother

Hey, hey, I feel alright
Hit it

He got the measure buddie
You know, you want with her to get on the stage to go home, you dig it
Come on now brothers stay with me, don't leave me here
Yeah that's they gonna groove away
You're ready now?
Come on

I'll be
That's right, banging on man
I get away
Come on hahaha
Come on

Hey, hey, I feel alright

Yeah we're gonna do right now
Hey, hey, I feel alright
Two times
Ah, ah

Man, we got a record thing in that
We're gonna hit it another time


ArtiestJames Brown
Titel It's A New Day (Part 1) & (Part 2)
Lengte 5:45
Componist(en) J. Brown
Titel I Feel All Right
Lengte 4:28
Componist(en) J. Brown, B. Hobgood
Platenlabel Polydor
Catalogusnr 2001 015