Coverafbeelding Hollies - Goodbye Tomorrow
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  •   1970


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Now I see you and you laugh, my friend
"Didn't I tell you so," you say
I just want to be alone, my friend
Will you please just go away

Today goes on like any other day
It doesn't know, it doesn't care
Never knew what loneliness could mean,
Having love and then despair

Goodbye tomorrow, I'm leaving you today
Goodbye tomorrow,
Don't you be grieving 'cause I'm leaving
It won't matter to you anyway

Now it's over What am I to do
Will I find the love of you
Can I be sure she'll know what loving means
Can someone else love like you


Verse 3

Goodbye tomorrow, I'm leaving you today


ArtiestThe Hollies
Titel Goodbye Tomorrow
Lengte 3:47
Componist(en) Allan Clarke
Producer(s) Ron Richards
Titel I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
Lengte 3:24
Componist(en) Bob Dylan
Producer(s) Ron Richards
Platenlabel Parlophone
Catalogusnr 5C 006-91045 M
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Album Hollies Sing Hollies