Coverafbeelding George Baker Selection - (Fly Away) Little Paraquayo

George Baker Selection

(Fly Away) Little Paraquayo

  • Statistieken
  •   14 weken
  •   2 piekpositie
  •   390 punten
  •   1974


Land   Nederland


They come in white boats
Many years ago
They gave you presents and promised you a lot

But they lock you on a chain
Put you in a mine
And a sad word for the glory of our time

[chorus 1]:
Fly away, little paraquayo
Spread your wings out to the sky
Fly away, little paraquayo
'Cause the white man's on the ride

[chorus 2]:
And your body is so hungry
And your mind is filled with fear
Fly away, little paraquayo
'Cause the soldiers soon be here

They said you're just an indian
Not better than a beast
Only good for working like a slave

And so you're sweat and run
'Till the day is done
While you know you could be better in your brain

[chorus 1]
[chorus 2]

[chorus 1]
[chorus 2]


ArtiestGeorge Baker Selection
Titel (Fly Away) Little Paraquayo
Lengte 03:20
Componist(en) J. Bouwens
Titel We'll Make It Right Someday
Lengte 03:00
Componist(en) J. Bouwens
Platenlabel Negram
Catalogusnr NG 419
Album Hot Baker