Coverafbeelding DJ Jose - like that
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  •   2009



rust me with your heart you'll see

Baby youÂ're all that I ever seem to think about
Will you always be there for me ?
Show me the love that I knew would always come through for me yeah

Baby like that
......... silence
Do it like this
cause the time is ours
Baby like that
I'm in love so girl just give it up and move me yeah
do me like that like that 2x

Trust me with your heart and you'll see I'll come back
Show me you can start to come free just like that

Cause you're all that I can ever to think about
and to know that there's only one girl for me
You can show me youÂ're true and I can be there for you


ArtiestDJ Jose
Titel like that
Lengte 2:36
Platenlabel Play That Music
Releasedatum 31-03-2009