Coverafbeelding DJ Jose - Killer emotion
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  •   8 wkn Tipparade
  •   2010



Yeah Yeah Yeah (4x)
Oh Oh (4x)

Don't tell me I'm wrong
Don't tell me you're right
Don't tell me I should wait just a little more time
Just tell me you love me
Just tell me I'm fine
Tell me that I'm always on ya mind

Just one thing I can't give up
can't give up
Just one thing I can't give up
No I won't give up( 2X)

Cuz of you
I got this killer emotion
don't want nobody but you
my tears run deep like an ocean
Cuz of you
yeah it's true
Cuz of you
My world falls all in slow motion
Is that what you had to do
just leave me with your killer emotion
how could you
how could you

Baby were you
make the first move
you have to know there is one thing that is you
so don't be a stranger
no don't be a fool
tell me I'm the only one to you


ArtiestDJ Jose
Lengte 02:38
Platenlabel Play That Music