Coverafbeelding Coolio featuring 40 Thevz - C U When U Get There

Coolio featuring 40 Thevz

C U When U Get There

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  •   12 weken
  •   9 piekpositie
  •   281 punten
  •   1997


Geboortedatum   01-08-1963
Land   Verenigde Staten

Artis Ivey Jr. is een Amerikaanse rapper die bij het grote publiek beter bekend staat als Coolio.

Na zijn middelbare school ging hij meteen de muziek in, echter moest hij een pauze inlassen om van zijn verslaving aan cocaïne af te komen. Nadat hem dat was gelukt keerde hij in 1994 weer terug in de muziekwereld. Hij bracht in 1994 zijn debuutalbum Takes A Thief uit. De single Fantastic Voyage, afkomstig van dat album, is zijn eerste hit.
In 1995 brengt hij de single Gangsta’s Paradise uit. De platenmaatschappij was bang dat het nummer zou floppen, maar dankzij de film Dangerous Minds wordt het een wereldhit. Hij ontving er een Grammy Award voor.

In 1998 brengt hij het album My Soul uit. Het is echter geen succes en dan gaat het privé ook minder met hem. Zo komt hij in aanraking met justitie.
In 2002 richt hij zijn eigen platenlabel op en bracht het album El Cool Magnifico uit. Coolio deed in 2004 mee in de Comeback Show in Duitsland, waarin hij een nieuw platencontract probeerde te krijgen.
Hij heeft het openingslied gemaakt voor de Nickelodeon komedieserie Kenan & Kel.
Op 28 september 2022 laat vriend en manager Jared Posey weten dat de rapper, op 59-jarige leeftijd, is overleden.


[Verse 1: Coolio]
Now I've seen places and faces
and things you ain't never thought about thinkin'
if you ain't peeped then you must be drinkin'
and smokin'
pretending not to loc'in but you're broken
let me get you open
now little Timmy got his diploma and
little Jimmy got life
and Tamika round the corner just took her first hit off the pipe
the other homie shot the other homie and ran off with his 20
and when the other homies heard about it they thought that it was funny
but who's the dummy, cause you just lost a hustler
a down ass brother been replaced by a buster
and though I got love for you, I know I can't trust you
cause my crew is rollin' Hummers and your crew is rollin' dusters
and just because of that you act like you don't like a brother no more
I guess that's just the way it go
I ain't tryin' to preach, I believe I can reach
but your mind ain't prepared
I'll see you when you get there

I'll see you when you get there
if you ever get there
see you when you get there

I'll see you when you get there
if you ever get there
see you when you get there

[Verse 2: Lek Ratt (of 40 Thevz)]
More temptation than faith
I guess we livin' for the day
I seen a man get swept off his feet by a boy with an AK
the situation so twisted everybody gettin lifted
I'm just tryin to take care of my kids and handle my business
cause it's way too serious so you gotta pay close attention
so you don't get caught slippin' when they come and do all the gettin'
life is a big game so you gotta play it with a big heart
some of us gotta run a little faster cause we gotta later start
but I'd be a fool to surrender when I know I can be a contender
and if everybody's a sinner then everybody could ba a winner
no matter you rag color deep down we all brothers
and regardless of the time somebody up there still love us
I'm gonna scuffle and struggle until I'm breathless and weak
I just strived my whole life to make it to the mountain peak
always keep reachin' be sure to grab hold of something
I'll be there when you get there when you wit the sounds bumpin'

I'll see you when you get there
if you ever get there
see you when you get there

I'll see you when you get there
if you ever get there
see you when you get there

[Verse 3: PS (of 40 Thevz)]
You need to loosen up
and live a little
and if you got kids let them know how you feel
and for your own sake give a little
oh, you don't want to hear that
you busy tryin' to stack
and keep up with the Jones' taking advantage of your own
the realest homies that you've been knowin' for the longest
but some ain't missing a good thing until it's gone
could have built an empire if not for the jealousy that divides us
we prefer to keep our eyes shut to describe when
it's something wrong and we desire
so hold your head up high if your poor and righteous
I know time seems strife
and the problems seem endless
but at times of despair we gotta pull ourselves together
and if you fell you're out the game then you need to get back in it
cause' nothing worse than a quitter
you gotta face responsibility one day, my brother
so gather up your pitty and turn it to ambition
and put your vehicle in drive and stop by my side


As we walk down the road of our destiny
and the time comes to choose which it gonna be
the wide and crooked, or the straight and narrow
we got one voice to give and one life to live
stand up for something or lie down in your game
listen to the song that we sing
it's up to you to make it be
I guess I'll see you when you see me


40 Thevz
Titel C U When U Get There
Lengte 03:40
Producer(s) Romeo
Titel Hit 'em
Platenlabel Tommy Boy
Catalogusnr TBCD 7785