Coverafbeelding Bryan Ferry - Tokyo Joe
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  •   1977


Geboortedatum   26-09-1945
Land   Verenigd Koninkrijk



My girl Friday, she no square
She like a lotus blossom in her hair
Be-bop records and something new
Sometimes borrowed but she's never blue

Oh no, not Tokyo Joe

Way past midnight, she not home
She cut the ice down the Danger Zone
Water-tight dresses, she don't care
A trifle risque, a tart, no sir

Oh no, sounds like Tokyo Joe

Geisha girl show you she adore you
Two oriental eyes implore you
Femme fatal or ingenuous?
She's very cunning, fiendish clever
Geisha girl suffer many times a fool

Sayonara moon
When all the world's a stage
Oh where are you?

Tokyo Rose on the radio
Or Diz an' Bird puttin' on the moan
Tappin' out telexes to Tupelo
Dear John, doh ray me fah so?

Let's go, call for Tokyo Joe

Walkin' tall down the Danger Zone
She hokey-cokey till the cows come home
Big shot from the hip neon cool
Say, when you've been around, what's left to do?

Don't know? Ask Tokyo Joe

So inscrutable her reply
"Ask me no question, I will tell you no lie"
GL boys howlin' out for more
VIP'S purrin', "Je t'adore"

Ah so, that's Tokyo Joe


Wednesday morning at five o'clock
As the day begins
Silently closing her bedroom door
Leaving the note that she hoped would say no more
She goes downstairs to the kitchen
Clutching her handkerchief
Quietly turning the back door key
Stepping outside she is free
She (we gave her most of our lives)
Is leaving (sacrificed most of our lives)
Home (we gave her everything money could buy)
She´s leaving home after living alone for so many years
Father snores as his wife gets into her dressing gown
Picks up the letter that´s lying there
Standing alone at the top of the stairs
She breaks down and cries to her husband
Daddy our baby's gone
Why would she treat us so thoughtlessly
How could she do this to me
She (we never thought of ourselves)
Is leaving (never a thought for ourselves)
Home (we struggled hard all our lives to get by)
She´s leaving home after living alone for so many years
Friday morning at nine o'clock she is far away
Waiting to keep the appointment she made
Meeting a man from the motor trade
She (what did we do that was wrong)
Is having (we didn´t know it was wrong)
Fun (fun is the thing money can´t buy)
Something inside that was always denied for so many years (bye bye)
She´s leaving home (bye bye)



B-kant is een cover van The Beatles - She's Leaving Home (1967).
ArtiestBryan Ferry
Titel Tokyo Joe
Lengte 03:54
Componist(en) Bryan Ferry
Producer(s) Bryan Ferry, Steve Nye
Titel She's Leaving Home
Lengte 03'07
Componist(en) John Lennon & Paul McCartney
Producer(s) Lou Reizner
Platenlabel Polydor
Catalogusnr 2001 711
Hoogste positie UK 15
Hoogste positie US -
Album In Your Mind