Coverafbeelding Birgit - Control
  • Statistieken
  •   7 wkn Tipparade
  •   2004


Geboortedatum   01-07-1977
Land   Nederland


for your protection
they'll vhange your name
your haire disguise you
avoid detection
with subtle moves
and clever lies to
complete the mission
we're sneaking underneath the rader
switch on night vision
you'll never see who you are

and if the quiet doesn't feel right
it's because my crew has made a
and if the darkness makes you nervous
it's because we're sneaking up behind you

back away put your weapons down
raise your hands and turn around
the jig is up so surrender now
baby, we're taking over control
step aside while we save the day
a step ahead of the games you play
try to fly but you can't escape
baby, we're taking over control

we're undercover
with double lives you cannot catch us
our action figures
are way too fast for you to match us
observe you exist
if engines fail we'll hold it steady
but there's the best bit
if danger makes its move we're ready

you hear the footsteps on the rooftops
power's out
there's no-one on the radio
lay down your gun
don't try to run
cos you don't know
there's nowhere left for you to go


Platenlabel Purple Eye Entertainment