Coverafbeelding Wyclef Jean - Perfect Gentleman
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  •   4 weken
  •   37 piekpositie
  •   8 punten
  •   2001


Geboortedatum   17-10-1969
Land   Haïti

De in Haïti geboren Wyclef Jean begint eind jaren tachtig samen met Pras Michael en Lauryn Hill de groep Tranzlator Crew. Het zou het begin zijn van The Fugees die met hun tweede album The Score in 1996 wereldwijd doorbreken. In de Top 40 scoren ze dat jaar vier hits, waarvan er drie in de top 10 komen en Killing Me Softly zes weken op nummer 1 staat.

Jean gaat een jaar later solo verder en staat eind 1997 met Guantanamera op de 28e plaats in de Top 40. In 2000 staat hij, samen met Mary J Blige (op 911) voor het eerst in de top 10. Naast eigen nummers is Jean veelvuldig bezig met schrijven en produceren voor anderen. Zo was hij mede-verantwoordelijk voor de doorbraak van Destiny’s Child (No, No, No in 1998) en nummers voor onder meer Santana en The Black Eyed Peas.

In 2006 scoort Jean, die ook een politieke carriere in Haïti ambieert, voor het laatst in de Top 40. Hips Don’t Lie, samen met Shakira, wordt zijn eerste nummer 1-hit. In 2014 maakt hij, samen met Santana, Avicii en Alexandre Pires het nummer Dar Um Jeito (We Will Find A Way) dat één van de nummers rond het WK voetbal in Brazilië is.


(This one's goin' out to the strip joints
Yo, meet me at Suzy's Rendez-vous
For every Go-Go Bar
I'ma send this one out to the gentlemen's clubs
Magic City, New York dogs, Rolex
I be seeing y'all up in there late at night
I understand when your girl is stressing you out
(Mons Venus, Crazy girls) Know what I'm saying?
Don't let the ladies fool y'all now, fellas
They be doin' the same thing y'all be doin'
Turn up my symphony, man.
Turn up my symphony!
Drop a BEAT!)

Just 'cuz she dances go go
It don't make her a ho, no
Maxine, put your red shoes on
We going to the disco
We gonna eeeelope to Meeeexico
Called up my mama, said I'm in love with a stripper, yo

[Verse 1]
Ten grand, let me see you shake it like you got no
bones in your body and you was made to be a celebrity
Twenty grand, know it's a sin, but before me you show
me a little more skin it would fulfill my fantasy
Thirty grand, to the highest bidder but Chris Rock
said, 'There's no sex in the champagne room'
Forty grand, looked into her eyes, I saw tears falling
down, type of tears that money couldn't buy

[Chorus 2X]

[Verse 2]
Excuse me, what is your name?
Uh, my name is hope, yo
I was blessed with the body of the Goddesses
Have you any idea how hard this is?
I could flex in 25 positions
But I only work here to pay my tuition
Yo, tantalizing teaser
Table-top pleaser
Give me what I need a
Mastercard or Visa
Lap dance fantasy
Picture us unda your white canopy
Wyclef extended his hand to me
Like Billy D. said he's feelin me
Take me away from here, so far
Where they ride horses, no cars
No more stripping in bars
Me and you 'Clef, against the odds

[Chorus 2X]

(Yo a lot of y'all sitting with y'all girls
fronting like the budweiser commercial
Talking bout, 'IIIIIII, I don't be going to the strip joints'
You lying man! You'd be surprised who you see up in there man.
I got one question for you liars, man)

Shot callers, What are you a preacher?
You calling her a hooker? He without sin cast the first stone.
I met her on the subway, she gave me that VIP card
And told me if I ever have problems,
Don't hesitate to come by, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Chorus 2X]
Call up my mama said I'm in love with a stripper yo!

(Yo baby, can I get another lap dance? I tell you I
got nothing but funny money, man. New York Dogs.)


ArtiestWyclef Jean
Platenlabel Columbia