Coverafbeelding Wreckless Eric - Reconnez Cherie
  • Statistieken
  •   3 wkn Tipparade
  •   1978



On a convenient seat by the lavatories
In the sodium glare
We used to wait for the bus in a passionate clutch
And go as far as we dared
Do you remember
When I passed my driving test
Took you to the pictures
Forget the rest
Do you remember
All those nights in my Zodiac
Playing with your dress
Underneath your Pac-a-Mac

Reconnez Cherie
Quand nous avons vive en ecstasy

And then a voice from afar in the back of my car
Whispered 'Gay Paris'
And looking ever so French the bohemian dream
You said 'bonjour mon ami'
Do you remember
When I moved into my studio flat
Hot sticky nights
In the summertime in bedsitland
Do you remember
When you sold your paintings in the gallery
And they said 'mais oui ce soir,
'C'est la vie c'est le tricolor'

Reconnez Cherie
Quand nous avons vive en ecstasy


ArtiestWreckless Eric
Titel Reconnez Cherie
Lengte 3:07
Componist(en) Wreckless Eric [= Eric Goulden]
Producer(s) Larry Wallis
Titel Rags and Tatters
Lengte 1:25
Componist(en) Wreckless Eric
Producer(s) Larry Wallis
Platenlabel Stiff
Catalogusnr SRS 510.063
Album Wreckless Eric