Coverafbeelding Wilson Pickett - I Found A True Love
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  •   3 weken
  •   24 piekpositie
  •   33 punten
  •   1968



I found a true love
I swear by the stars above
I know she's mine
Mine, all mine

I found a true love
I call her Magnolia
I know she's mine
Mine, all mine

One more, one more thing

She don't try to play the field
She got a love that's real
And that makes her mine
Mine, all mine

She's got the kind of thing about her
That makes me can't do without her
And, oh, she's mine
Mine, all mine

When I get up in the morning
With all my might
Lord, have mercy
And I give her good loving
Yes, I do, child
Soothe her all the time
Oh, yeah

She picked me up, oh, yes, she did
I was falling on down, oh, yeah
Oh, she placed my feet, y'all
Oh, yeah, placed 'em on solid ground

And I can shout about her
Yeah, ow, ow, ow, oh, ow
And she's mine, mine, mine
Ah, Lord, have mercy


ArtiestWilson Pickett
Titel I Found A True Love
Lengte 02:24
Componist(en) R. Young, B. Womack
Titel For Better Or Worse
Componist(en) W. Pickett, D. J. Mancha
Platenlabel Atlantic
Catalogusnr 2558