Coverafbeelding Wally Tax - I Won't Feel Alone
  • Statistieken
  •   6 wkn Tipparade
  •   1968



Ain't got very much to say
Today ain't got a game to play
So do you say you're going away
Yes, I love you anyway

Tommorow tell you what I feel
What is in my mind sounds too unreal
Just one thing left to comfort me
With you on my mind
I won't feel alone

Ain't got very much to hide
Yes, standing right beside my bride
Don't think you got much inside
To make me think you're doing right

Yesterday's so long ago
I wish I knew, I do not know
Anyway you're gonna go
Stop being kind
I won't feel alone

Look outside, girl
And watch the rain
Listen, the wind is crying
Sun ain't gonna shine anymore
I love you

Ain't got very much to do
Start being me, stop being you
Existence makes it hard to do
Without the dream of me and you

I think it's gonna be quite tough
For me to fall in love with love
When love is always leaving me
With you on my mind
I won't feel alone


ArtiestWally Tax
Titel I Don't Feel Alone
Componist(en) W. Tax
Titel Come Closer
Componist(en) W. Tax
Platenlabel Philips
Catalogusnr JF 333 929
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