Coverafbeelding Vitesse - On The Run
  • Statistieken
  •   3 wkn Tipparade
  •   1979


Land   Nederland


I spent my days lying in the sun
today it`s different today, I have to run
there is this monster who thinks I love his wife
if he ever gets me I won`t come out alive

I`m on the run

went to a bar, the beer fell on the ground
they said it was me, but I was not around
then came the knife, I was searching for the door
and if they ever catch me, I won`t run anymore

I`m on the run.


Titel On the Run
Lengte 2:23
Componist(en) Jan van der Mey
Producer(s) Alfred vanderGarde, Vitesse
Titel Nightflight
Componist(en) Herman van Boeyen
Producer(s) Alfred vanderGarde, Vitesse
Platenlabel Bovema-Negram
Catalogusnr 1A 006-26415
Album Rock Invader