Coverafbeelding Veronica Unlimited - Right On
  • Statistieken
  •   4 weken
  •   30 piekpositie
  •   24 punten
  •   1977



{transcribed by Adri Verhoef, 16-8-2014}

All alone I'm standing
In the middle of the floor
While the jockey, he plays the song that I asked for

But the one I dedicate it to
Isn't coming tonight
Now what can I do
The music is alright

Right, right on
Keep this thing going on
Right, right on
Keep this dance going on

[verse 1]:
You'll feel tonight I'm on fire
You're rocking by me tonight
Right, right on
Keep this dance going on

[verse 2]:
Hard rock lady
Rocking my baby tonight, tonight
Hard rock lady
Slow down, baby, you're out of sight

There's a taxi waiting outside
Let's finish this dance and leave this place, right?
I think I love you (love you etc.) (I love you etc.)

[verse 1]
[verse 2]

Hard rock lady
Rocking my baby (Right on)
Slow down, baby (Right on)
Hard rock lady (Right on)
Rocking my baby (Right on)


ArtiestVeronica Unlimited
Titel Right-On
Lengte 3:20
Componist(en) Janschen, Janschens
Producer(s) Hans van Hemert
Titel Baby Baby
Lengte 3:12
Componist(en) Hans van Hemert, Piet Souer
Producer(s) Hans van Hemert
Platenlabel Philips
Catalogusnr 6012 757
Album [Diverse Artiesten] Alle 13 Goed! Deel 13