Coverafbeelding Total Touch - Love Me In Slow Motion
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  •   5 weken
  •   21 piekpositie
  •   65 punten
  •   1998


Land   Nederland


Love me in slow motion
show me your devotion

You're in a hurry
Lightnin' love is what you want
I'de go out of my head if we rushed
We could see heaven if we just took it slow
I don't want that pressure - I just need your trust
You really gotta be gentle with me
And if you wait for love then you will get what you see
If you give me true relaxation
I will surrender and give myself to you

You've gotta love me in slow motion
Don't take the easy way
If you take your time - I'm gonna make you mine
Show me your devotion - if you wanna make my day
You've gotta love me in slow motion

I've got my self-respectand know what I want
I gotta know that the feeling is true
You can't win my love with physical talk
If you don't want to hurt me
take care of what you do

Come on over here
I wanna hold your hand
Don't make me feel
that this is just a one night stand
Chill out - Let's have it all
We don't need to start the night with bodytalk

Repeat Chorus

I will surrender
If I know for sure, that you are there for me
I'll give you everything I've got
I'm yours completely - But first....

Repeat Chorus


ArtiestTotal Touch
Lengte 04:03
Platenlabel Ariola