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Zara Larsson

Land Zweden

Geboortedatum 26-12-1997 (19 jaar)

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  •  128 weken in Top 40
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  •  #127 aller tijden
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In 2008 wint de dan 11-jarige Zara Maria Larsson de Zweedse tv-talentenjacht Talang 2008, waar ze nummers zong van Whitney Houston en Céline Dion. Haar finalenummer, My Heart Will Go On, werd haar eerste single.
Als Larsson 15 jaar is, in 2013, verschijnt haar eerste EP Introducing. Van dat minialbum weet Uncover de eerste plaats in haar thuisland te bereiken. Nog geen jaar later verschijnt in het oktober 2014 een volledig album, 1.

In 2015 staat ze voor de tweede keer op de eerste plaats van de Zweedse single-hitlijst, dan met Lush Life. Die single wordt in Nederland haar eerste hit. Later verschijnt ook haar samenwerking met de Brit MNEK, Never Forget You. In december staat ze met beide nummers in de top 10.
In het voorjaar van 2016 volgt opnieuw een Britse samenwerking als ze met Tinie Tempah het nummer Girls Like maakt. Het wordt haar derde opeenvolgende top 10-hit. Ook levert ze de vocalen op This One's For You, het themanummer dat David Guetta maakt voor het Europees Kampioenschap voetbal. 
Sinds haar Top 40-debuut op 5 september 2015 staat de Zweedse zangeres zonder onderbreking 52 weken in de Top 40 genoteerd. Begin september wordt Ain't My Fault haar volgende single en in de opmaat naar haar nieuwe album brengt ze in november ook I Would Like uit. 
In januari van 2017 brengt ze de track So Good uit, waarop ook Ty Dolla $ign te horen is. Dat nummer is de titeltrack van haar internationale debuutalbum dat op 17 maart verschijnt. Op die datum verschijnt ook haar samenwerking met Clean Bandit, Symphony, dat door Radio 538 wordt uitgeroepen tot Alarmschijf en in de Top 40 tot twee keer toe op nummer 3 weet te komen. In juni wordt Don't Let Me Be Yours de volgende single.

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Zara Larsson23-10-2017
Zara Larsson20-10-2017
Let me hear you sing it . 📸 @ryanjohnstonco
Zara Larsson19-10-2017
Revived my UK gold plaque for the So Good Album last night!!!!! I really can't thank you enough. It means the world to me that you like my music and come to my shows. Love you FOREVAAA 🥂📀📀📀 which song is your favorite? 📸 @ryanjohnstonco
Zara Larsson18-10-2017
Zara Larsson18-10-2017
DUBLIN!!! You were a dream ✨ 📸 @christiantierney / Tom Flynn
Zara Larsson17-10-2017
#MeToo ✨ When I was younger I would always tell myself and my friends "if anyone tries me I will smack them" but then you end up in a situation with a man, a powerful one, and that strong voice you always said you would use all of a sudden feels like a whisper. Cause you're uncomfortable and honestly pretty fucking scared. ✨ We still live in a patriarchal society, which means that men hold the power and are in authority over women in basically all aspects. This isn't limited to work or profession, but exists in our everyday lives. Men seem to think they have power over our bodies. That they can tell us what to do with it, how and when. ✨ Rape culture is sadly present more than many of us think it is. Rape culture involves sexist jokes, like one I just stumbled across on the gram yesterday where a man ran up to a girl, who was minding her own business, asking for her number. She gave him her Instagram name instead. He was furious she didn't give him her number and started screaming in her face. Women are getting killed for shit like not giving out their numbers so where's the joke?? ✨ Rape culture involves objectification of women, like a picture I saw on twitter where a man wrote "been following her for three blocks now. Left my son at the Target parking lot" along with a picture of a woman's butt. Stalking? Really cute. Rape culture is Jason Momoa saying "it was great to film Game of Thrones because I got to rape beautiful women". Rape culture is the laughs from the audience after hearing that. It's these little things that make rape and sexual violence normalized. ✨ Rape culture is slut shaming, victim blaming and refusing to acknowledge the harm caused by sexual harassment. So I wanna take my little time and not only applaud the brave women for coming forward, but to tell men to step the fuck up when some of your friends tell a sexist joke. Boys won't be boys. They will be held accountable. And it's a shame it takes daughters for a lot of men to realize the magnitude of this problem, or to even care. ✨ Cause isn't that funny? How almost every other woman will be harassed but no one knows an harasser?
Zara Larsson16-10-2017
📸 @fr3ark / @kay26s Thank you BELFAST, I had the best time! Can't wait to be back. And for all my friends in DUBLIN, I'm so sorry to tell you the show is rescheduled to tomorrow due to the hurricane. If you can't make it tomorrow you will get a full refund on your ticket. Hopefully I'll see you all tomorrow 🎉🎉🎉🎉🥂🥂🥂
Zara Larsson14-10-2017
📸 by my baby ❤️
Zara Larsson14-10-2017
Reykjavik. Thank you so much for showing up and showing love. We even saw northern lights! Belfast on Sunday!!! Hope to see ya there 👋🏼 📸: @robinboee
Zara Larsson13-10-2017
Blue lagoon 🙏🏼 my body and mind is CLEANSED and I'm soooo ready for BED. Thank you so much for 4 million followers. That's insane. That's like half the population in my country WAAHHH
Zara Larsson12-10-2017
I've been so unhappy with my birth control implant for a while (yay to birth control and women deciding what to do with their bodies tho!!!!) so I googled around to see if my "symptoms" where normal and google is telling me I probably have cancer, will never have kids and I'm dying right now as I type this. Never google your symptoms lol. Any other google doctors in here? 😩😰 cute fake smile, can't lie.
Zara Larsson12-10-2017
It's almost time!!!!!! First show tomorrow!!! Im so excited 🎆🎇🌅
Zara Larsson10-10-2017
Soon 💥✨ Reykjavik Friday!!!
Zara Larsson07-10-2017
I'm nominated for an EMA!!!! Go vote for me as Best Swedish Artist if you're sexxxyyyyyy
Zara Larsson01-10-2017
Best fwwwwendz burfdaii!!!
Zara Larsson29-09-2017
Thank you @billboard for including me in your "21 under 21"
Zara Larsson29-09-2017
🍣 me yesterday on a tour around the secret garden. The woman who sold me the guided tour didn't feel like telling me the whole fkn thing was gonna be in Korean? I didn't understand anyyy BUT I got a cute pic!!!!
Zara Larsson26-09-2017
Seoul day 2!!!!!!!!
Zara Larsson25-09-2017
Seoul day one!!!!!
Zara Larsson25-09-2017
EXO 😱😱😱