Coverafbeelding The Who - Don't Let Go The Coat
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  •   3 wkn Tipparade
  •   1981


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I can't be held responsible for blown behaviour
I lost all contact with my only saviour
No-one locked me out because I failed to phone up
I can't bear to live forever like a loner

Don't let go the coat

It's easy to be sad: when you lack a partner
But how would I react to a broken heart now
It ain't really true rock and roll unless I'm
Hanging onto you and when I hold it next time

I won't let go the coat

I try to explain but you never understand it
I need your body but I can't just demand it
I won't let go like a stray at heel
(Never let it out of your sight)
Every lonely wife knows the way I feel
(Don't let go tonight)
Don't let go the coat
Never let go the coat

Your friends all pass for life is just a market
But you have to finish everything you started
So I live my life tearing down the runway
Sure to get the hang of hanging in there someday

Don't let go the coat
Won't get no more chances - forget the war dances
Go blind and hang on - don't try the slang son
Never let go the coat


ArtiestThe Who
Titel Don't Let Go The Coat
Lengte 03:43
Componist(en) Townshend
Producer(s) Bill Szymczyck
Titel You
Lengte 04:30
Componist(en) Entwistle
Producer(s) Bill Szymczyck
Platenlabel Polydor
Catalogusnr 2002 062
Hoogste positie UK 47
Hoogste positie US 84
Album Face Dances