Coverafbeelding The Web - Monday To Friday
  • Statistieken
  •   6 wkn Tipparade
  •   1969



Monday to Friday
Monday to Friday
I'm in a hurry
Got a million to make
Monday to Friday
Monday to Friday
the more I earn

The more the taxman takes
monday comes
I's working beary-eyed
With pen in hand
Mr. Gross, he is my boss
doesn't know
my name is Rothchild

Sad to say I feel this way
I'm bored with what I do
Everyday from 9 till 5
to earn enough
to stay alive - from

Weekend comnes
I put away my suit
and brolly too
Fishing rod, land of Not
Bicycle for two with daisy


ArtiestThe Web
Titel Monday To Friday
Componist(en) Wright, Eaton, Beveridge
Titel Harold Dubble Yeu
Componist(en) Harris, Eaton
Platenlabel Deram
Catalogusnr DM 20 013