Coverafbeelding The Spinners - The Rubberband Man
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  •   1977


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Hand me down my walkin' cane
Hand me down my hat
Hurry now and don't be late
'Cause we ain't got time to chat
You and me we're goin' out
To catch the latest sound
Guaranteed to blow your mind
So high you won't come down

Hey y'all prepare yourself for the rubberband man
You've never heard a sound
Like the rubberband man
You're bound to lose control
When the rubberband starts to jam

Oh, this dude is outta sight!
Everything he does seems to come out right

Once I went to hear them play
At a club outside of town
I was so surprised
I was hypnotized
By the sound this cat put down
When I saw this short fat guy
Stretch a band between his toes
Hey I laughed so hard
Cause the man got down
When he finally reached his goal

Repeat Chorus

Got that rubber band
Up on his toes
And then he wriggled it up
All around his nose

Guaranteed to blow your mind
Playin' all that music, yet keepin' time
Where in the world did he learn that, oh Lord
Lord, help him get away

Repeat Chorus

Rubberband man
Rubberband man
How much of this stuff do he think we can stand?
So much rhythm, grace, and debonair for one man

Repeat Chorus

Rubberband man starts to jam
Moving up and down cross the land
Got the people all in his wake
Everything probably seems outta place

Just move it, just move it
Just move move move it
Rubberband Man
Just move it, just move it
Just move move move it
Rubberband man
Get down, get down low


Titel The Rubberband Man
Componist(en) L. Creed, T. Bell
Producer(s) Thom Bell
Titel Now That We're Together
Componist(en) P. Terry, T. G. Conway, T. Life
Producer(s) Thom Bell
Platenlabel Atlantic
Catalogusnr ATL 10834
Hoogste positie UK 2
Hoogste positie US 16
Album Happiness Is Being With The Spinners