Coverafbeelding The Shoes - Na-Na-Na
  • Statistieken
  •   12 weken
  •   6 piekpositie
  •   297 punten
  •   1967


Land   Nederland


When I came in a while ago
I didn't realize
The things that you were gonna show
Would come as a surprise.
My baby, who ran out on me
Is coming back to stay
That's not so easy to believe
Cause she is far away.

Na na na etc.

You say I'm going on a trip
And I will meet her soon
She's got me in her grip
So I could travel to the moon.
So when I'm walking out of here
It may not all come true
But just the same she's nearer
As I dream along with you.


ArtiestThe Shoes
Titel Na-Na-Na
Platenlabel Polydor
Catalogusnr S 1219