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The Scotts : Travis Scott & Kid Cudi

The Scotts

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  •   2020


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The Scotts is een samenwerking tussen Travis Scott en Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi. Die laatste Scott is beter bekend als Kid Cudi. De twee laten het eerste resultaat van hun samenwerking, The Scotts, in premiere gaan via het spel Fortnite. De twee zetten een virtueel concertrecord neer als 12,3 miljoen mensen getuige zijn van de digitale show die 15 minuten duurt. Marshmello had het vorige record in handen toen bij zijn set 10,7 miljoen kijkers online waren.


Let's go

We see the hype outside
Right from the house
Took it straight from outside
Straight to the couch
We put the mic outside
Air this shit out
You letting The Scotts outside
We running the scouts
Ain't no controlling the gang (Yeah)
They never leave
I got tats over my veins
Cause that what I bleed
She drink a lot of the bourbon
Cause she from the street
We got control of the flows and ...
We heard that your way went dry
We flooding the drought
Heard that your hood outside
We added some routes
We having the goods outside
Moving it in and out
You letting The Scotts outside
We running the scouts

Nigga, the cops outside (Yeah)
Lock up the house (Yeah, yeah)
We keep the team on high
Some gold in they mouth (Yeah, yeah)
Nigga, the Porsche outside
Without the top (Yeah, nigga, yeah, yeah)
She wanna mimosa-sa (Yeah)
Bring in the shots (Yeah, yeah yeah)
Tell these phony bitches: beat it
With that Photoshopping body, Adobe, help me
She in there making panini
She know I got all the bread, she know me, got it
I'm a hustler, I'm in business
It's been a minute since my niggas been on it, howdy
Cleveland boy, he make 'em pay
They said Cleveland boy, he done made a way, hey
Headed for somewhere to go
Anywhere cinema these, these
Niggas don't know where to go
Gotta keep giving them heat, heat (Yeah)
Time to go double though
Tell them to add up the math, math
And I've been dealing with so many things
Having so many dreams

Let's go


ArtiestThe Scotts
Titel The Scotts
Lengte 2:45
Componist(en) Jacques Webster II · Scott Mescudi · David Biral · Denzel Baptiste · Mike Dean · Oladipo Omishore · Patrick Reynolds
Producer(s) Dot Da Genius [= Oladipo Omishore], Plain Pat [= Patrick Reynolds], Take A Daytrip
Platenlabel Epic
Catalogusnr digital download
Releasedatum 24-04-2020
Hoogste positie UK 11
Hoogste positie US 1