Coverafbeelding The Guess Who - Dancin' Fool
  • Statistieken
  •   6 weken
  •   23 piekpositie
  •   74 punten
  •   1975


Land   Canada

The Guess Who is een Canadese rockband. Het festival Le Guess Who? is naar hen vernoemd. De geschiedenis van The Guess Who gaat terug tot 1958, toen Chad Allan (zang) in Winnipeg zijn band Al and the Silvertones oprichtte. Deze band veranderde haar naam later in Chad Allan and the Reflections en daarna in The Expressions. Nadat in december 1965 Burton Cummings (zang, piano) zich bij de groep voegde en in mei 1966 Allan en Ashley de band verlieten, werd The Guess Who als vaste bandnaam gekozen. In de jaren 70 scoorden ze met onder meer "American Woman", "Dancing Fool" en "Clap For The Wolfman". Bachman vertrok na ruzies met Burton Cummings en zou tegen die tijd zelf succesvol worden met Bachman-Turner Overdrive.


It was a Saturday night without a whole lot shakin'
Ooh my ooh my I was bored
I had my best duds on it was a chance worth takin'
Somehow I was still ignored
Been too long since I been shy and lonely
Ooh, but that's okay
Need some gal to be my one and only

I got a wink and a smile from a flashy filly
Ooh my ooh my she looked grand
She said "I like your style, now don't go acting silly..."
Ooh my ooh, she grabbed my hand
Never thought that I could shake and groove it
Now I'm a dancin' fool
Dug my feet cause they could really move it.

She got the message across and me and her got kissin'
Ooh my ooh my havin' fun
I know that this is the thing that I've been really missin'
One more dance has just begun
No more time for feelin' shy and lonely
Now I'm a dancin' fool
Found some gal to be my one and only
Ooh, I'm a dancin' fool
I'm a dancin' fool, I'm a dancer...


Frank Zappa stond in 1979 enkele weken in de Tipparade met Dancin' fool, maar dat is een eigen compositie van Frank, dus is geen cover van deze song.
ArtiestThe Guess Who
Titel Dancin' Fool
Lengte 3:13
Componist(en) Domenic Troiano & Burton Cummings
Producer(s) Jack Richardson
Titel Seems Like I Can't Live With You, But I Can't Live Without You
Lengte 3:27
Componist(en) Domenic Troiano & Burton Cummings
Producer(s) Jack Richardson
Platenlabel RCA
Catalogusnr PB-10075
Hoogste positie US 28
Album Flavours