Coverafbeelding The Black Crowes - Remedy
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  •   3 weken
  •   24 piekpositie
  •   47 punten
  •   1992



Baby, baby why can't you sit still?
Who killed that bird out on your window sill?
Are you the reason that he broke his back?
Tell me, did I see you, baby, laugh about that?
If I come on like a dream...
Will you let me show you what I mean?
Will you let me come on inside?
ooh, Will you let it glide?

Can I have some remedy?
All I want is a remedy
Remedy for me please
For all of the things that I need
Cause if I had some remedy
I would take enough
Take enough to please me.

Baby, baby why did you dye your hair?
Why you always keeping with your mother's dare?
Baby why's who's who, who knows you too?
Tell Me, Did the other children scold on you?


Na dat "Hotel Illness" een top 40 hit was geworden werd "Remedy" opnieuw uitgebracht en haalde alsnog in 1993 de top 40
ArtiestThe Black Crowes
Titel Remedy
Lengte 5:28
Componist(en) Chris Robinson, Rick Robinson
Producer(s) George Drakoulias and The Black Crowes
Engineer(s) Brendan "Bud" O'Brien
Titel [1992] Darling Of The Underground Press / [1993] Hard To Handle
Lengte 5: 32 / 3:06
Componist(en) Chris Robinson, Rick Robinson /Otis Redding, Allen Jones & Alvertis Isbell
Producer(s) George Drakoulias and The Black Crowes / George Drakoulias
Platenlabel Def American
Catalogusnr [1992] 7" 866 838-7 / [1993] cds 862 202 2
Hoogste positie UK 24
Hoogste positie US 48
Album The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion