Coverafbeelding Sharon Kips - Heartbreak Away
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  •   7 weken
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  •   213 punten
  •   2007



Nights spend in the dark
Wondering where it all went wrong
Not sure who you are
No one to belong to

Try to live a life
But you’re so un alive
If you can only make it through another day

It’s just a heartbreak away
From another love
Soon you release all the ghost of what was
You’ve been damaged to the core
Afraid to feel once more
But you never know love
Just may be a heartbreak away

Sometimes all it takes
Is time for memories to fade
Soon all that remains
Is prove that you have made it

Through the restless night
Back into the light
I promise you it’s worth the wait


So hold on the best is yet to be
Close your eyes imagine just believe
That just as one door closes another opens wide.
That’s the beauty of goodbye



ArtiestSharon Kips
Lengte 03:34
Platenlabel Sony-BMG