Coverafbeelding Sailor - Sailor
  • Statistieken
  •   10 weken
  •   2 piekpositie
  •   288 punten
  •   1975



Sailor, get your feet on the ground
Get your leave, get your money,
Get your ass into town
(Lonely town needs you around)
Sailor, won't you stay for awhile?
There's a town full of girls that could do with a smile
(Lonely girls, brush up your curls)
Get in the game, pick out the dame
(Dum de dum de dum)
This is the place where you set the pace
(Dum de dum de dum)
The streets are lit with the good times rolling
The bars are filled with the good stuff floating
Set 'em up, Joe, let the booze flow
Give out the juice, she won't refuse
(Dum de dum de dum)
This is your chance for love and romance
(Dum de dum de dum)
Your leave is short but the action's growing
Get in the game before you start slowing down

Hey! Sailor, is there anything wrong?
There's a dame in your lap, but you don't get it on
(She's okay, so why don't you play?)
Sailor, is it true what they say,
That you mess with the boys when the girls are away?
(Bad, bad boy, wrong kind of joy)

Do what she said, get into bed
(Dum de dum de dum)
Don't be afraid for she knows her trade
(Dum de dum de dum)
You've got to live up to all those stories
Sailor boy with your sexed-up glories
Set 'em up, Joe, let the booze flow
Pull up your socks, pull out the stops
(Dum de dum de dum)
Do what you can, she'll understand
(Dum de dum de dum)
It's hard to make up for all that sailing
Out on the sea, you lose all your training
Let the booze flow, let yourself go!


Titel Sailor
Lengte 02:57
Componist(en) Georg Kajanus
Producer(s) Georg Kajanus
Titel Blame It On The Soft Spot
Lengte 03:39
Componist(en) Georg Kajanus
Producer(s) Georg Kajanus
Platenlabel Epic
Catalogusnr EPC 3019
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Album Sailor (1974)