Coverafbeelding Ron Van Den Beuken - Timeless
  • Statistieken
  •   5 wkn Tipparade
  •   2003


Geboortedatum   10-04-1970
Land   Nederland


[Chorus: Guru]
This is history right here in the makin'
So call this timeless
And we're bound to keep your mind elevatin'
So this here is timeless
This is pure original innovation
So call this timeless
This is somethin' to give you inspiration
So this here is timeless
Timeless, priceless, survive any crisis
Born to carry on, now we on just like this
It's quite crisp, the way the tune hits your stereo
These two brothers right here gettin' props, everywhere we go
More potent than any herbal essence
Ill grooves verbal lessons
Dominant, prominent, eternal blessings
Never underestimate the weight of the force
It's actual, classical, natural resource
Plus we manage to tear down and damage
any walls they try to place around us on this planet
I never slack I never lack cause I'm your highness
And this type of thing right here kid is timeless
Just caught the fresh-cut baldie, my peoples call me
Guru, the man, yes the one with all the
J-A-Z-Z, Y type essence
Deep type lessons, the sun moon crescent
Divine perspective, of the life we live
Our time is collective, of this music we give
Through the errors of our colourful struggle
comes the strength of a people so powerful, so thorough
Enough to be diamond-like, despite dirty conditions
Check how we put it down, respect this worth rendition
Never before, have you felt such energy
The flyest combo, so feel our chemistry
Feast your eyes as I uniquely surmise
Jazzmatazz represents real deep ties
Traditional, almost ritual is my lyrical
Soon your spirit will become more conscious when you hear it you'll
give it up for our Streetsoul
We reach y'all, we're addin' on just like a sequel
Been down and up, so I'm roundin' up
mad troops new recruits O.G.'s and up
Me and my right hand man Mr. Hancock make landmarks
In foreign territories true warriors, stand tough
Two livin' legends with the gifts of seven
Grab your glass as we pour one more sip of heaven


ArtiestRon Van Den Beuken
Platenlabel Liquid Recordings