Coverafbeelding Roméo - I'll Be Holding On
  • Statistieken
  •   5 weken
  •   25 piekpositie
  •   40 punten
  •   1999



You say goodbye
I can't even find the reason why
I know that I've been a fool
but I never thought
I'd be without you

Cause you are my love
You are the only girl I'm dreaming of
when I say I'll never let go
just believe in me
I want you to know

I'll be holding on
I'll be holding on
forever till you come home
I'll be holding on

You know it's true
that I'll be waiting here for you
I believe wherever you go
there's a chance in you and me
and I want you to know

Repeat chorus

Gonna make it
gonna show you
that I mean it
from the bottom of my heart
let me tell you
how I see it
cause I know that
we can make another start
that is why

Repeat chorus


Platenlabel Lube